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Print media remains the number one income stream for political cartoonists, columnists and authors like me. But the great disruption of digitalization is slamming newspapers and magazines. That means, like many of my colleagues, my income increasingly relies upon the generosity of readers who appreciate my work. If you are in a position to make a donation that will help me continue to draw cartoons, write columns, keep up this blog, and create new and exciting projects from a point of view and with the vision that you might not find elsewhere, please consider donating.

Another way to contribute is to contact me about purchasing original cartoon art as well as signed copies of my latest books.

A great method to consider – one that also keeps you in touch with my work without having to make any effort – is the Ted Rall Subscription Service.

The Ted Rall Subscription Service allows you to get Ted’s cartoons, columns, and freelance illustrations sent directly to your email inbox—often several days, or even a week before they appear on the Web. Subscribers can also receive Ted’s new books, autographed to their specifications, for the cover price plus shipping—no mark-up. It’s a great way to keep current and to support Ted’s work at the same time.

The rate is $30 per year.

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