Don’t freak out! I really do read the emails that are generated by this form. They don’t go to “my people” or to Bangladesh or anything like that for filtering.

I value feedback and enjoy hearing from readers. I personally respond to all legitimate reader mail. However:

1. I do not respond to threatening, obscene or completely negative (i.e., nothing but criticism) emails.

2. Threats of violence will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and your Internet provider.

3. Requests for citations, links to news articles, quotes or other information that is widely available may not receive a reply.

4. I reserve the right to publish your email in full or excerpted in any form I deem appropriate, so please don’t write anything you wouldn’t want your mom—or boss—to read. (Good advice always.)

5. Still here? Awesome! I look forward to hearing from you.

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    [For regular mail, please email me before sending me a package. Otherwise the post office might return your package before I get there to sign for it.]