Women Need the Right to Murder Unborn Babies

Many activists in the pro-choice movement rely on the fiction that human beings aren’t really alive until they are fully viable, whatever that means based on the medical science at the time. They are not willing to commit, as I am, to the idea that women need to have the right to murder their unborn babies.

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  • Just a biological note. Individual, separated egg and sperm are no less alive than are a fertilized egg, a “speck of protoplasm” or an “unborn baby.”

    So if the word “murder” must be injected into the issue (further empowering the Christo-fascists), then it must also be applied (biologically accurately) to any failure to realize the potential all all sperm … from masturbation to nocturnal emission.

  • One thing that’s overlooked is that abortion is a religious matter. Why should the fundamentalists decide for all of us when life begins? Many other religious faiths have different ideas on this as do individual people.

  • LeftyMathProf
    June 3, 2022 5:30 AM

    I agree with Ted’s opinion, above, though I wish we could find a more appealing way to word it.

    By the way, the bible speaks repeatedly of “the breath of life” but never of “the heartbeat of life.”

  • “Murder” is a legal concept. Not all killing is murder. Women need the right to kill unborn children. Whether that is murder or not is determined by law not by science.

  • alex_the_tired
    June 3, 2022 8:14 AM

    Another example of the god of the gaps. Science has decoupled almost all of the “majesty” and “mystery” that the priest class has built up over the millennia around an ordinary biological function to keep increasing the number of followers so that they, the priests, don’t have to farm or shepherd for a living but can, instead, dress up and hold a position of tax-free power and influence. “God tells me everything. … Except why he sends stillborn children to the faithful. I keep getting sent to voicemail on that one. But I’m sure it’s because he loves you.”
    And … off to moderation.

  • love you ted but sometimes your urge to be provocative undermines your valuable insight. the idea that “life” begins at conception and that women nonetheless deserve the right to end their pregnancies (at least until some point we as a society determine is appropriate) is provocative enough. sometimes less is actually more. and i totally agree. 🙂

  • Sorry to see the language of the fascists used here. They have copped “pro-life” when they do nothing for the living and have endless laws that are “pro-death”, they have somehow made liberalism sound evil and fight to “privatize” social security and the postal service, which means have the rich steal or strip-mine it all, they are “conservative” but want to not conserve anything except their privilege, so giving them this, even if only to shock, does nothing for the truth.

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