Who’s Your Bully?

Mitt Romney, the Washington Post alleges, bullied a boy he thought was gay. The Obama campaign stands to benefit—but let he who has not bullied cast the first set of sanctions cast the first Hellfire missile.

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  • That’s brilliant and profound, vis à vis American foreign policy. But just to see if you’re consistent, would you also include on the list, say, 1982 Chile and South Africa?

  • Ted, notice the news about the Mosque bombing eh? Obama is good at repairing that reputation abroad no doubt! American soldiers aren’t killing civilians, It’s just Obama’s kids playing ps3 drone killers 2!

  • OK, OK ! If Mr Romney wins/is declared winner of the 2012 US presidential election, US presidents will not only have to carry a big stick, a sanctions list, and a drone control, but also a pair of scissors. But isn’t that what aides are for ?….


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