Which Comes First

Police in rural Georgia arrested and handcuffed a 6-year-old for throwing a temper tantrum in kindergarten. After last week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling, she could also have been subjected to strip-searching and a body cavity search. This is not unprecedented, by the way.

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  • Which is not unprecedented? Arresting out-of-control kids or the searches of their bodies? I know of the former, but are you saying that there has been the latter, as well?

  • All of Rall’s shenanigans aside, it’s apparent that he has never worked at a behavior disordered school and watched a six-year-old break a teacher’s nose……………….hatah.

  • R-iii-nnnn-ggg.

    “Scalia here. … Hmmm. I see. Bring the little sambo down to my office and I’ll show you the proper procedure.”

  • Ted, that child was, unless I’m mistaken, a girl, which surely makes strip’n’search all right. But I’d suggest keeping her out of Mr Scalia’s hands….


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