When They Impeached Trump, I Didn’t Say Anything Because…

As it became evident that the second attempt to impeach Donald Trump would fail, they began to be an outcry against Republican senators who voted against convicting him in the Senate. What next?

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  • alex_the_tired
    February 17, 2021 7:32 AM

    What next? Come the midterms, the Republicans will regain the Senate. Not because of their great charisma. A lot of democrats will be voted out due to their party having done nothing to help people survive the pandemic. Between the evictions, credit card debt backlog and the return of the student loans, almost everyone who lost their job is now permanently a member of the underclass. Aiding the depletion of dems from Congress will be Trump’s growing popularity. The Trumpites will be voting in more crazies to get things set up for Trump’s return in 2024. When the Republicans gain the majority in both houses and 60 seats in the Senate, they’ll impeach Harris. Kick her ass to the curb. Why? To show how it’s done. Then, to show how it’s done, again, they’ll impeach Harris’ replacement. When you hit someone, you don’t stop at one. You beat them until they shout “Uncle.” That’s what’s next. The “whole wide world” will see it. If Canada’s smart, they’ll kick out all the Americans. Mexico should start building a wall. Come Jan. 21, 2025, Trump will have his supermajority in the Senate, and he will get things done. It will all be legalized in about two weeks. Completely sewn up. Pelosi will, no doubt, declare this all a victory.

  • The Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday released audio and video of the incident in which one deputy expresses doubt after his partner says Reinhold jaywalked.


    Jaywalking is a very serious offense in Los Angeles, even if its occurrence is disputable.

    Sorry for being off topic but sometimes it’s hard to fully comprehend what a shithole country this is.

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