When the People Decide, a Terrible Thing Happens: Democracy

The main stream centrist corporatists who run the Democratic Party are reacting to the rise of likely Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders as though it were some sort of emergency. All that’s really happening here is democracy.

5 thoughts on “When the People Decide, a Terrible Thing Happens: Democracy

  1. My preferred nominee is Tulsi, but, since it looks like my vote might matter, I e-mailed my Super Tuesday ballot for Bernie. And I hope he gets it (far fetched though that seems with the DNC seeing him as another McGovern, just as they saw Secretary Clinton as Johnson running against Goldwater who would have won all 57 states had it not been for Russian hacking of the election).

    • Ironic, is it not, Michael, that Hillary Diane Rodham was one of the «Goldwater girls» (whatever would Harvey Weinstein say ?) who campiagned in that election ? No wonder she hates those dastardly Russians !… 😉


  2. There is no center in the Democratic Party, therefore there are no centrists. There are conservatives — people who don’t want anything to change — and progressives, people who want some kind of change. The correct terminology for Buttigieg, Biden, Klobuchar, and Warren is ‘conservative’ or ‘reactionary’, not ‘centrist’.

  3. The DNC’s media hench-assholes have also recoiled in horror to report that the miserable old coot Sanders also uses MONEY (???) to run his campaign ……. gasp, choke, swoon!!!

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