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Virginia lawmakers wanted to force women to submit to an invasive vaginal ultrasound before they can get an abortion.

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  • What irritates me the most about this is that even on NPR and such, nobody calls the religious fundys on ANYTHING. They say “we just want women to make an informed decision”

    Uh……they walked into an abortion clinic….don’t you think they already made an informed decision??

  • It’s all about gender roles, Aggie_Dude. Women are inherently loving mothers who always only have sex for bonding and procreation, but they aren’t very bright. Thus if they think they want an abortion they must not understand what that is. That’s the rhetoric, at any rate. The reality is that they like to dominate and objectify.

  • alex_the_tired
    March 5, 2012 12:33 PM

    Ecpyrosis is right about the gender role rhetoric. One addition though. As the sideshow gets harder and harder to maintain, the people in charge are making more mistakes. Take a look at this video.

    Take this from the child’s point of view: a strange (and probably gross) person is going to feel them. It isn’t a pediatrician’s office, it isn’t a relative giving them a hug, it’s someone in a uniform, running his or her hands up and down the child’s body in a public place. And, to add to the trauma, mommy or daddy is just standing there, allowing it to happen.

    I’m not a child psychologist, I don’t play one on TV, but I cannot imagine how upsetting this must be for a child. And not just the particularly frail ones. Any child. And we are now at a point where not only will a line of adults stand there while this happens, the father will also allow it to happen.

  • Alex, the only level headed response is to put this boy in prison before he becomes a terrorist and hates America.

  • Apparently state-rape is fine as long as it’s done by government small enough to fit into lady parts.

    Per Aggie’s comment, NPR is apparently running true to form on this, being totally unable to simply ask: why is a dildo necessary when words suffice for all other instances of medical informed consent?

  • Excellent Ted! …and how much does it take to get more Americans just as outraged about the wars, corporate thievery, etc.? Fellow posters, right-click on this cartoon, save it to your desktop, and then repost it on Facebook or wherever….let’s take Ted viral. Maybe he’ll be able to buy 2 scanners!

  • Maybe we can’t afford to go out in the street and whine and complain. This is exactly our problem – I can’t afford it, and I can’t give Ted money that I don’t have for myself. I understand his needs, but I can’t help unless yoose guys send me money first, and I don’t think you will. A lot of talk, but no walk – situation normal.
    Be brave. Do what you can. It is very sad that “most Americans” are ignorant idiots. Don’t get angry.
    The retards simply don’t understand and get very angry if asked to understand.
    Catch You Later,

  • Alex_the_tired, that’s one amazing video – I had to watch it three times before I could be certain of what I was seeing and hearing ! And nobody dares intervene, or do more than mutter remarks like «Nice !», «Ridiculous !» softly enough that the people carrying out thebody search of the child can’t hear – presumably because they fear (with good reason) that they themselves will be severely hassled if they do. Aside from an imperial bully, addicted to continual foreign wars of aggression, the US seems well on the way to becoming a police state, with nearly 0.8 % of its population incarcerated, and the rest subject to precisely the «unreasonable searches and seizures» that are prohibited by the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution….


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