Impeachable/Not Impeachable

Democrats who allowed Republican presidents latitude on war crimes have decided to draw the line on defending Joe Biden from Trump’s attempt to have Ukraine investigate the former vice president and his son.

7 thoughts on “Impeachable/Not Impeachable

  1. Pelosi’s impeachment case is weak. The issue just isn’t sexy enough. Trump “talkin’ tough” like Ronald Reagan used to talk to the godless commies? That’s what you’re impeaching him for? That’s how it will play out on the Republican side.
    But let’s say Trump gets booted. Run the options. There’s no best outcome! A pardon from Pence (or his probable replacement, Liz Cheney—the ultimate middle finger to Hillary Clinton from Trump: a woman president appointed by a man widely considered a misogynist) is certain.
    If Trump leaves before the election, the Republicans will win (unless Sanders gets the democratic nomination, and we all know how hard they–meaning the dems–and the mainstream media are working to block that).
    The worst case? Trump simply beats the rap. The Senate vote goes his way. He will simply run amok, quite possibly for five years because of Pelosi’s panicked move.
    I typed “panicked” because Pelosi’s move makes little sense. The dems haven’t (as Ted’s cartoon points out) been about morality for a long time. This whole thing has the whiff of desperation, like a mortgage-money-on-the-longshot-in-the-third-at-Hialeah gamble. I think fear about fumblin’ Joe, uh, Biden is part of it. (In six months, he won’t be able to out-argue himself in a mirror, let alone a skilled grifter like Trump.) Perhaps Pelosi is hoping that his name being attached to this will push him out the door.
    But the bigger cause? I think Ruth Bader Ginsburg is very near death. I’d say two months at most. If Trump gets one more appointee, the Court composition will be right-shifted for decades. Starting an impeachment AFTER Ginsburg dies will look like political tricks. So Pelosi has to do it beforehand, hoping the impeachment process will eat up enough time to pull the “it’s just too darned close to the election, folks” argument (and then hope Trump loses).
    The dems did all this to themselves by trying to elevate Queen Hillary Clinton. Sanders would have beaten Trump. He’d have appointed both of the justices Trump got, and Breyer and Ginsburg would probably have stepped down to allow him to put two more in: four justices. Know who got to do that? Nixon. And Reagan.
    Pelosi et al. act like they’re masters at eleven-dimension chess, and while they congratulate themselves on their intricate strategies, Trump walks in, runs the tables, and strides out the door with all the prizes, laughing the whole time.

    • Right on all counts – but it’s still The Right Thing To Do, even if the Senate doesn’t indict him.

      And even if they do and a even if a pardon just feeds His Trumpiness’ ego, it’d still be “You’re Fired!” And that’s a good thing.

      Can you believe Newt (“Salamander”) GreenGrinch crying “Witch Hunt”? Witchy McWitchHunter himself. ‘course he never did have a lick of self-awareness, but jeez.

      • I agree that all elected officials should be held accountable at all times. Trump putting people in concentration camps should have been the moment for impeaching, and that was quite a while okay. But “tu quoque” would have shot that down in a second. Now he’s going after a whistleblower. Tu quoque, again to Obama. Using personal influence to enrich himself? Sigh. Tu quoque Clinton Foundation. Illegal wars? Trump’s actually less guilty for continuing an illegal war than Pres. Cheney is for starting one, but both are guilty of impeachment-worthy offenses as a result. And hell, let’s impeach the senate leaders and cabinet members who let all this unfold over all these administrations.
        I oppose the death penalty, even for traitors, but all these corrupt dems and Republicans should be put in supermax; they are an existential threat.

  2. No, no, no, no. I have it on good authority that Trump would never, ever, ever ask a foreign power to help him win an election. The only POSSIBLE explanation is a vast conspiracy comprising the DNC, RNC, CIA, BSA, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, and Reptilliens. (‘cuz they’re all very sad Hillary lost.)

  3. The Parties overrule the Constitution. If both agree that a Declaration of War is too burdensome, then there will be no Declaration of War.

    And the Supreme Court will say this is a political issue and if you want the Constitution to be followed then elect people who will do that.

    But the Parties write the ballot access laws, so good luck with that.

    If Bush were to be impeached for his war-starting lies then the Democrats would be impeached for their lies the next time they started a war.

    • > If Bush were to be impeached for his war-starting lies then the Democrats would be impeached for their lies the next time they started a war.

      Ay-yup, not to mention the fact that they all bought into it at the time. “A foolish consistency is the bugaboo of a small mind.” – but anything else from a politician is a death sentence.

      It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for them. Almost.

  4. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Victoria Nuland engineered the Ukraine coup and Vice President Biden’s son had the benefit of a post-coup, pro-US president of Ukraine to deal with.

    I don’t see much difference between Cheney’s Halliburton economic benefit and Biden’s.

    War always benefits political insiders.

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