Welcome to Decision 2060

Here we are, talking about the horse race in presidential politics. Meanwhile, humanity is headed toward extinction and we aren’t even discussing it.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Decision 2060

  1. The reason no one talks about it? Because, mostly, it is affecting poor people. And by poor people, I mean poor people who are not white. Well, that’s part of it. The other part of it is that for the well-off white people (e.g., a lot of the SJWs), their comfort and lifestyle depends on the current system continuing exactly as it is.

    Trump (again, I am not a fan) mentioned that Haiti was a hellhole. Said something quite similar about Africa. And what did the SJWs do? They tore into him for his language. “Swear words! Goodness.” They played lawyerball. “There are actually some very nice places in Haiti, and Africa has many nice places too.”

    What we didn’t get? SJWs saying, “Putting aside the language, which really could have been better, Trump’s right on this one. Haiti is a hellhole. It has been for decades. It needs massive amounts of help. Why aren’t we doing that?” Instead, there was a huge increase in the sale of swooning couches and clutchable (sustainably grown) pearl necklaces.

    Recently, Greta Thunberg scolded the U.N. for ruining her childhood. Oh, Greta. Just STFU. A rich, white, girl, who has grown up in a standard of living that would have made a 14th century princess look like trailer park trash (“Oh, such language. Goodness.”) nagged world leaders for not doing anything. And the SJWs wet themselves with glee and sprained their hands high-fiving each other.

    Know what we didn’t get at the UN? A little black girl from one of the parts of Africa Trump was talking about, telling the U.N. about her life: illiterate, mutilated genitals, no job prospects, no doctors, rape gangs due to civil unrest, no running water, no toilet, no schooling (no schools, but also, as a girl, she wouldn’t be allowed to go, even if there was one), limited food security (we call it being hungry), etc.

    The rich (mostly white) First World is the problem. We will not stop constantly consuming. And we keep making sure the narrative doesn’t force us to confront the problem that we are. But, by the great white Jesus, we sort our recycling. To help heal the planet.

  2. His Hairness (aka “Trump” ) has just ordered, seen accomplished AND publicly boasted about the assassination of the head of Iran’s military.

    HH may well have saved us all the grinding dread of succumbing to climate disaster, in lieu of a relatively quicker remedy …. WWIII.

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