We Tenatively Oppose War on Strictly Procedural Grounds

You can always count on the Democratic Party to oppose war, until the Republicans ask them to approve of them.

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  • The Republicans invoked the War Powers Act against Obama in ’11, and the Democrats agreed this was completely wrong. If St Obama knew we needed to get rid of Qaddafi and thereby transform Libya from an impoverished, brutal dictatorship and state sponsor of terror into a democratic, peaceful and prosperous paradise, it was completely wrong for the evil Republicans to try to stop Ss Obama and Hillary. The only unforeseen problem this caused is that many, many people are drowning in the Med as they desperately try to leave the horrible EU for the paradise that is Libya using flimsy rubber boats, and no one knows how to stop them.

  • Democrats don’t care if there is war.

    What they care about is the failure to kiss the ring.

    They so don’t want to be left out, even if they are only capable of little more than giving their blessing.

    And 700+ billion dollars.

  • alex_the_tired
    January 13, 2020 4:44 PM

    One of the few hopes I have left (the other is the lottery, c’mon lucky numbers) is that Bernie Sanders will win, and his supporters will finally, finally, finally take charge correctly. What does that mean?

    1. When the former Hillary Clinton high-end political wonks show up sniffing for a place, they need to be blocked, and they need to be told to go home and not come back, that their days are over.

    2. When the dnc scumbags who were busily stealing the nomination start making phone calls and circulating their resumes, people need to tell them in hushed voices, “You have stop contacting me. They know what a two-timing PoS you are. They’re cutting out the disease, and that means you, and if I help you get anything higher up the food chain than car park attendant, I’ll be right there next to you in the garage. Don’t. Call. Again.”

    3. The msm will basically be told to eat a big bowl of dicks. The Sanderites will present a complete list of all the dirty tricks and shady reporting done by the organizations and simply tell them, until you retract ALL of these, don’t expect even a “No comment” from us. And if you ever run a hit piece again, on either side, we’ll cut you right off at the knees, mofo. No second chances. Hire some goddamned professionals who were trained in ethics.

  • If we don’t sign off on illegal wars (cf the Charter of the United Nations, Chapters VI and VII) and assassinations, then they are bad (but of course, we support our troops, and woe be to anyone in the countries the US invades who dares to fight against them – our drones will eat them). If we do sign off, however, wars and assassinations are just hunky-dory….


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