We Don’t Need Progressives but We Really Do

Centrist Democrats who support Joe Biden have been telling progressives that they don’t need their support, that Biden will be elected with their support and the support of anti-Trump Republicans. (They said the same thing about Hillary Clinton.) But if they fail with their approach, you can be sure that they will blame progressives rather than their own unwillingness to compromise with the left.

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  • I realise that we all tend to forget everything that happened more than a half hour ago, Ted, but I can’t but wonder if to a large degree Mr Trumps chances to be re-elected in November don’t depend upon how successful his campaign to deflect attention from his and his administration’s utter failure to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States by blaming those nefarious Chinese and their puppets, the WHO, which is headed by a black man (gasp !)….


  • alex_the_tired
    April 20, 2020 6:12 AM

    You, according to others who have a lot of skin in the game, have to vote Biden. Why? Because the dnc, a private organization, rigged the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton.
    Fun fact: When googling “Is the dnc a private corporation” no mainstream media entry appears. Facebook, Reddit, the Observer (?), and the Washington Examiner (which I am barely familiar with) are the closest, but nothing from NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, CNN, and so on.
    The 2016 rigging, which puts any Russian hacking to shame, was the result of the Clintons loaning the dnc so much money that, basically, the Clintons became the new owners. A Politico-posted excerpt from Donna Brazile’s book (keep in mind, I wouldn’t trust Brazile if she said water was wet) paints an astonishing picture. My take? Debbie Wasserman Schwarz deliberately helped run the dnc into a couple tens of millions in debt from the Obama campaign. To keep the whole thing afloat until the Obama people could pay it off, the dnc needed a $2 million bridge loan, which the Clintons provided.
    If I were trying to take control of an entire political party, this is a pretty good way. Run them into debt, buy ‘em cheap. It’s a standard gimmick in business via vaporware. Company X coming out with a product? Company E sends out a press release amounting to “oh yeah, we’re doing that too. It’ll bundle with the rest of our stuff and be fully compatible in two months.” Company X goes broke because everyone’s saying, “I’m just gonna go with the Company E version.” Then Company X buys up the product during the bankruptcy sale of E. That’s how you make a billion dollars, kids. Or get to run for president.
    Such a bold, out-and-out Borgia-level grab for power, it really is remarkable. I mean James Bond-level remarkable. It also explains Biden. Was Obama in on this whole scheme? Probably not. Maybe though. He certainly proved to be as corrupt and venal as any of the former occupants of the Oval Office. Maybe it amused him, handing control of the party to a political idiot like Hillary, knowing that she’d fumble the play somehow.
    And now we have Biden. And why do you have to vote for him? Why, bless my soul, he knows where the bodies are buried. At least he used to.
    At this point? I don’t see Trump losing the presidential debates against Biden. And I see Trump making a credible (not truthful, just credible) case about how he handled the coronavirus epidemic like a pro. I also see him handing off the blame for the unemployment to the democrats. (The virus deaths were so low, the dems jumped the gun because they knew it would cause millions to lose their jobs and that’s how desperate they are to make Trump look bad.)
    The surest sign I’m right? Start counting the number of Biden appearances. Not taped recordings, but actual interactive experiences. Chart them on a timeline and compare them to other democratic contenders going up against a Republican incumbent. I suspect that by September, Biden’s schedule will be packed. One, maybe two, events a week. Not every week mind you.
    Remember, Vote Biden: It means everything (to the people running things).
    But realize that the dnc chased away substantial numbers of Sanders supporters and independent voters. Coupled to Biden, all his scandals, and his growing mental decline, and Trump’s looking at a second term.

  • In 2016, Trump had paper-thin pluralities in 30 flyover states. Most presidents make at least some attempt to win over those who voted against them, but Trump knows he can’t win a single #NeverTrump, and any (wasted) attempt to do so will lose votes from his base. So he has to run like it’s 2016 and hope the same people who voted for him then will vote for him now, and the ones who voted against him then will split their vote now. Odds are again’ him, but he might still pull it off. And if he does, the DNC will tell us that the Soviets hacked the polling machines after Trump tweeted them the passwords (and if they can get a majority in the House, they’ll impeach him again).
    But I fear it will be Biden and a quick replacement of stupid trade wars with even more stupid shootin’ & dronin’ wars.

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