We Come in Peace

After mass shootings, liberal opponents of gun rights love to say that violence is never the answer. But their messaging on war, violence, militarism, even assassinations, sends a completely different message about their hypocrisy.

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  • I would say that Biden has lashed himself to Ukraine; the war HAS to work. Problem is, it isn’t — Ukrainian forces have not dislodged the Russians or their proxies from Donetsk or Luhansk (Lugansk) as Zelenskyy is now demanding (by the way, he wants regime change in Russia, which is just impossible even if Putin was assassinated; Putin’s form of nationalism is the norm now.) This whole thing has been a Russo-Ukrainian quagmire since 2014, and sending them Switchblade drones, MANPADS, and guided antitank missiles has not helped.

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