War and Peace, Made in USA

As the largest, most expansionary military empire in history and the world’s number one arms supplier, often to both sides in conflicts, the United States is once again offering, hilariously, to broker a peace agreement, this time between Hamas in Gaza, and Israel. First you start the war, or at least expand it, then you get credit for making peace!

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  • alex_the_tired
    July 18, 2014 5:50 AM


    ALMOST right.
    The U.S. is supplying both sides. If that is true, the U.S. corporations that are given the contracts are not going to want peace. It’s an inescapable logical construction. Any U.S.-brokered “peace” will, at best, ensure that the situation dies down TEMPORARILY before flaring up again. But, like herpes, it will return to the status quo ante.

  • The biggest human atrocity of the twentieth century was the Holocaust. The second biggest: The Nakba.

    Any Jew who supports Israel’s war on the Palestinian people loses all credibility in complaining about the Holocaust. The Nazis discriminated against the Jews because of their religion; killed them, incarcerated them without cause, and generally treated them as subhuman. Then, just as soon as WWII was over, Israelis turned around and started doing the same to the Palestinians.

    The foundation for 911 was laid the day Israel was established.

  • The only thing the US – its vassals – lack in their interminable wars of foreign aggression are «partners for peace». Perhaps Ted has found them ?…


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