Very Risky Business

Democrats are currently engaged in a very risky strategy: they are financing right wing pro Trump Republicans in Republican primaries and runoff elections based on the assumption that they will be easier to defeat in the fall. While they are at it, perhaps they should use similar tactics on abortion…

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  • To quote Bender Bending Rodríguez, “We’re boned.”
    Look at the polls. After everything we’ve witnessed, it’s still too close to call. 51 democrats in the Senate? BFD. Even when they have 60, they won’t pass anything.
    And look at Trump. The democrats have cornered themselves (their single greatest skill) into a fail-fail position. If they don’t indict him, it’s a disaster for them. If they do, it’ll be almost impossible to convict him. And when will the trial be? After the 2024 elections? After won’t help the democrats. Before? Not if Trump’s running for office. And if he isn’t, there’s the very real chance that Trump will skate.

  • That’s the strategy that elected Donald Trump in the first place–Hillary’s crew thought he would be the easiest Republican to beat, so they got their friends in the media to give him millions of dollars of free air time. Then they dodged responsibility by blaming Trump’s election on “Russian interference.” Apparently, they are as incapable of learning from their experiences as the Republicans are.

  • well said, Alex!

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