Trump’s Brilliant Plan

Terrified that he will lose and face prison time for corruption, President Trump is contemplating canceling the upcoming election or invalidating its results after the fact. Ironically, the best way to avoid fascism might be to vote for the fascist.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Brilliant Plan

  1. I wonder who will level those charges in New York? A democrat, no doubt. And Team, um, Biden will call that prosecutor on the phone and made a simple statement, although it will be couched differently: If you so much as cite him for littering, we will end your political career instantly.

    Biden’s owners are the same people who are making fat bank off of Trump. If Trump goes to Sing-Sing, a whole lot of smaller fish are gonna swing, too. And before they swing, they’re gonna sing. The democratic power brokers are just as corrupt, just as sleazy, just as morally filthy as Trump. And the Republicans will shriek it at the top of their lungs.

    Trump’s polls are slipping. Right. And this time, we can trust the polls because the same people who couldn’t tell their polls were garbage in 2016 swear that they’ve fixed them. Right now, the polls are still meaningless, even if correct. Trump is sui generis. The trend lines for everything about politics no longer apply to Trump. We are truly in uncharted waters.

    The Epstein/Maxwell case is shaping up, like a hurricane forming in the mid-Atlantic. What happens if Bill Clinton is linked credibly to the more obscene statements surrounding him? Even more important, what happens when Donald Trump, loathsome as he is, turns out to be wholly innocent in the Epstein/Maxwell matter? Trump and his people will know exactly how to spin this into an October Surprise. And if you offer to supersize to the combo platter that also has a side of Hunter Biden scandal added to it, well, Trump might actually win “fairly.”

    Speaking of hurricanes. What happens if hurricane Omar or Paulette makes it further up the Eastern Seaboard than usual for hurricanes and hits Delmarva or New Jersey (or even both)? Massive devastation due to flooding, COVID-19 quarantine requirements complicate relief and rescue efforts, etc., in heavily democratic states that Trump’s people will – somehow – successfully argue that Trump woulda won. Those Electoral College votes must be invalidated, his supporters will scream. The Supreme Court will take his side; that’s what they’re there for. And the whole thing goes to the Congress for voting.

    Trump still has a bunch of ways to steal the election, and he’ll manage it somehow if he can, because, frankly, the reason Hillary and her gang of idiots lost is because she (and they) are amateurs at this sort of thievery. She never stood a chance. If Trump were a brown-skinned goatherd who never harmed a soul in his life, she would have had no trouble blowing him into bits of bloody pulp with a rocket fired by a 19-year-old minon. But Trump knows a lot of dirty tricks, it’s part of his nature.

    He isn’t worried about jail. He’s worried about whether he should dye his hair back to urine colored.

  2. Any Pence pardon would call off every US government attorney/prosecutor, but not the New York State attorney general. Not clear what the State of New York can do, or if Trump can avoid that state like the plague, and find a state where he can buy the government so they won’t extradite him to New York?
    Trump is trying everything he can think of to stay in power. Not clear if he can pull it off. Friedman of the New York Times strongly advises Biden to stay in his basement where he can’t mess things up: no debates that might go very badly. But it looks like Biden has been prepped, and hopes to do as well as he did against Sanders. Biden will have the majority of the vote, but may or may not have the College. The good Republicans James Corvus and Gerry Mander will do all they can to give Trump the College again.

  3. Ted, shouldn’t the orange jumpsuit in frame 2 above better match Mr Trump’s hair colour and skin tone ? After all, we’re talking about prime time TV here….


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