Tragic Employers Have No Way to Find Workers To Do Exactly What They Want

Poor employers! They say they just can’t find enough qualified workers to fill openings for jobs. Meanwhile. workers still have trouble finding work. If only there were a way to “train” workers to fill positions. We’d even have a name for this procedure. We’d call is: job training.

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  • Ted, are you making fun of those poor emplouyers, who just can’t find the human resources they need to exploit ? How unkind and unfeeling – I had thought better of you !… 😉


  • Here’s a crazy idea: Hire back the seniors they laid off in favor of younger workers.

    Experience is a good thing, duh?

    • Yes – but can we truly trust the old folks not to remember where the bodies are buried? Next thing you’ll tell me that they are old enough to remember that people used to be paid with actual money for work…

      Conversely, if one hires some college kid who will just assume that things have always been done in the precise way that seemed like a good idea at the time to the person who hired them supervises their internship.

  • Not having enough potential employees in the workforce is just corporate speak for “employers need a larger pool of potential employees” in order to bid wages down, or better still another (government handout) allocation of desperate H1b workers.

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