Too Fit Not to Acquit

A New York grand jury declined to indict a police officer for the fatal chokehold that killed Eric Garner in Staten Island in part because obesity contributed to his death. You’re on notice, fatties: if you’re not fit, they will acquit — the police who kill you.

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  • Don’t get tased if your heart needs a pacemaker, either.

    After all the taser deaths, tasers are still referred to as non-lethal weapons. Just coincidental that so many die during their use, and cops using them can’t get prosecuted for using lethal force.

  • May I suggest, Ted, that generally speaking, US grand juries will decide not to bring indict a policeman/woman, even if he/she has killed someone with a BMI < 22 and without any other «pre-existing conditions», save being mortal ?…


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