To the Barricades

Americans who oppose the healthcare mandate under ObamaCare have no problem paying half of their federal taxes to defense.

2 thoughts on “To the Barricades

  1. Members of the loony left already object to paying their fair share for those brave, brave soldiers who kill the incredibly dangerous women and children that are plotting to plant thermonuclear weapons in every single US city and town. But the IRS still takes the money from their employers before they ever see it, so they forget to be furious after awhile, realising that the US is the world’s best democracy, and we all have to do our duty.

    Payments to the insurance companies who are friends of the administration for coverage with more loopholes than a crocheted tablecloth will likewise end up being accepted. And for those who don’t accept, 20 years at hard labour for tax evasion meted out to a few examples should convince the rest to accept that there are certain costs we all have to share in order to live in the best possible country in the world.

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