To Err Is Human, to Mess up Big-Time Is Democratic

Democratic senators decided to get rid of the judicial filibuster eight years ago. The result was a spate of new right-wing judges under Donald Trump. Now Democrats want to get rid of the legislative filibuster as well. Why do they think this will work out any better?

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  • alex_the_tired
    March 17, 2021 7:58 AM

    To be fair, in 2013, the Republicans were kind of fumbling along like a batch of idiots. Only HRC running for president restored them to functionality.
    The nuke option isn’t a bad idea if the democrats would shackle it to actually doing things to help the 99% because that WOULD translate to more democrats getting voted in. But as it is right now? You’ve got it pinned.
    The Republicans are going to force-trick the dems to go nuclear. By 2022, with millions out of work, no credit, evicted, etc., and Biden acting like everything’s okay, the midterms will be a political Columbine. 2024? A foregone conclusion. And then we’ll see what the Republicans can do with a nuclear option in play.

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