Those Scrappy Gen Xers

John Boehner thinks Americans under 54 understand why they won’t get full Social Security and other federal programs. Gotta fight more wars and give more money to corporations!

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  • At 45 I’ve already paid in for a long time… it had damn well BETTER be there. John can bone himself!

  • But Ted, aren’t those – fighting more wars and giving more money to corporations – the typical, indeed, signature priorities of all US governments the last six decades or so ? Were Mr Boehner to oppose them, he’d put himself in danger of having to make the long version of his birth certificate publically available in order to prove himself a citizen of the aforementioned country – and even then, many would doubt !…


  • Why do so many Republicans have such cool names like Bush, Dick, Colin, Boehner? Is it a prerequisite or something?

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