This Amount of Computer Code

The president’s lawyers say he has broad powers to launch preemptive cyberattacks against other nations. The problem, as a White House official says, is selling the American people on the threat from “deadly dangerous computer code.”

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  • Indeed, that mysterious computer code don’t wear turbins, ride camels, but weapons of mass destruction from us nor have skin the color of which we can quickly peek at to determine if it need be bombed back to the stone age.

    On the other hand, with no blood or body bags to deal with, why effin’ tell the American people anything about proposed cyber attacks. Hey, if they backfire just blame it on Iran!

  • Just hope the UNO, under the chairmanship of that ineffable US puppet Ban Ki-moon, has the grace to once again cover the tapestry of Guernica with a blue drape when one of Mr Powell’s epigonoi informs the Security Council and the world of the necessity of yet another interminable war of aggression in Asia….

    Check out Heinz Alfred KIssinger’s take on the matter :


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