The Siren Song of Progressive Politics

To hear centrist Democrats tell it, going left is too risky. The problem with their narrative, is that they have been losing election after election by going too moderate. So why are they still getting away with presenting themselves as the reasonable ones?

6 thoughts on “The Siren Song of Progressive Politics

  1. So why are they still getting away with presenting themselves as the reasonable ones?

    Because that’s what their bagmen – who also control the media – want to hear, and more importantly, want the public to hear. The risk of a man like Bernard Sanders being nominated as the Democratic Pary’s presidential candidate in the coming election is too great to allow to pass without a general mobilisation….


  2. Democrats act as guard dogs for Republicans. Any threat to the Democratic Party right is also a threat to the Republican party.

    That’s why Democrats would choose Trump over Sanders.

    Support of Sanders would be a threat to the interests of the corporate rulers who fund both the Rs and Ds.

  3. “Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue,” an homage all Trump’s predecessors paid. Obama and the Clintons lied that they were Hispanic friendly and African-American friendly, that they were fighting climate change, & etc. Obama said he only deported convicted, violent felons, when he was really Deporter in Chief, and when Trump pointed this out, a lot of Hispanics who voted for Obama realised that he and the Clintons were just lying, while Trump bragged about his anti-Hispanic stance, so it wasn’t worth voting, Hispanics stayed home, and Trump won pluralities in 30 states.
    Plus, Secretary Clinton promised regime change in Russia on Day 1, so Trump was the lesser of two egregious evils.

  4. Looking back to Reagan, Poppy Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Obama, and now Trump, I see clearly why we keep having problems. Pull the call sheets for these administrations. It’s the same key players, year after year. Reagan has some Central America torture/rape/death squads? No problem. Pres. Cheney will find work for them in cooking the books to justify invading Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Until we pull away from the centrist philosophy of not doing anything that might seem too, you know, non-centrist, this stuff will continue because there will be absolutely NO impetus to stop it.
    Clinton Foundation? Should have earned Bill, Bill, and Chelsea some long, long prison time (and I mean real prison). Obama bailing out Wall Street? Ditto. Wall Street? Should have been bulldozed, all the guilty parties arrested and given generational sentences. What the New York Times is doing with its attacks and manipulations against Sanders in 2016 and again in 2020. Build more prisons, I say. These people are dangerous.

    • «The Dems (DNC) DID NOT nominate a progressive in 2016!!!!!» But falco, wasn’t that precisely Ted’s point, extra ironic when placed in the mouth of none other than Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton ?…


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