The Lives of Not Others

Between the NSA, nosy workers and ex-mistresses who surreptitiously record your racist phone rants and release them to the gossip media, Americans’ thoughts are no longer their own…not even in bed. Unless you take certain precautions.

4 thoughts on “The Lives of Not Others

  1. Weren’t them gun-totin’ patriots totin’ they guns all them years precisely to prevent this from happening?

    But, seriously, not to worry.
    Now, if you misplace your keys, you can call the NSA help desk for assistance.

    • Really. Wtf. Dead on. What good are all these gun nuts if they aren’t protecting our rights. It’s like they only care about trivial things like small tax raises, not wearing seat belts, uh…help me out here. What other rights are they protecting? They mostly don’t care about freedom of religion for others (atheists), trial rights (fry every accused), basic human rights (torture), rights to education, and apparently privacy rights as well. As long as they have their bibles, guns, and terrible sports, food, beer, and music…

  2. Safe perhaps, Ted, as long as one doesn’t make the mistake of tossing that used tape in the dustbin, where it can be retrieved by agents of the government, etc. The NSA most likely has devised a device which interprets one’s dreams based on the manner in which the spittle has been laid down on the surface during REM sleep….


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