The Little Prez

Public access to the White House and its environs has shrunk steadily since Andrew Jackson hosted a wild party there. Now the wake of a run by a deranged vet through the White House has security experts recommending that a safety corridor be extended several blocks beyond the White House fence. How safe is safe enough?

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  • Is that a play on “The Little Prince” or “The Little Mermaid”? 🙂

  • alex_the_tired
    October 6, 2014 8:39 PM

    What is essential is invisible to the eye.

    The essential fact of all the security since 9/11? All of it is circumventable. From the subways with one checkpoint for randomly selected bags to the airports were people stand around waiting to put their shoes in an X-ray machine. A true get-it-done terrorist? These places are still bull’s-eyes. As is every casual dining establishment, church, synagogue, library, supermarket, movie theater, pediatrics ward, etc.

    That’s what’s essential. And the people in charge deliberately won’t see it. And that’s why it’ll happen again. Another 9/11. Maybe in San Diego. Or Chicago. Hell, if they’re savvy terrorists, they’ll strike a Springfield. Maybe they’ll fly into the WTC again. And I can almost hear the speech Mr. Obama will give: “Folks …”

  • Essentially, Alex is right, but …

    Big Brother has his Muslim-masquerading co-conspirator false-flag a terror event, and then, over a decade or so, he lets the “terrified” population know that he can only protect them if they surrender themselves unconditionally to his security slave-state. In the long run, the populace becomes nostalgic for the circumstantially infrequent — and functionally quite minor — free-lance terrorism of the pre-9-11 years, as opposed to the 24/7 institutionally produced and administratively jammed ass-fuck they hopelessly endure, from birth to death, as nothing more than a piece of mostly expendable property of the corporate welfare state.

    By their very nature, liberty and security are antithetical.


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