The Limousine Liberal

If you really care about the poor, some conservatives ask, why don’t liberals give them all their money?

4 thoughts on “The Limousine Liberal

  1. I’ve heard this whole “limousine liberal” red herring crap before from conservatives about “heh heh, there are rich liberals too, darrrr.” These people are fucking retards, there really is nothing you can say to refute them without lowering yourself to their level. The only way to stop this is to hope that this type of thinking goes the way of the dinosaurs, you know, for the preservation of humanity. But because of free speech it won’t, so these fucking penises won’t shut the fuck up with their fucking bullshit.

  2. Albert, absolutely right! However, I’d like to add that the same could be said for almost every conservative argument being put forth these days. They are so colossally wrong it staggers the mind.


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