The GOP Establishment Strikes Back Against Trump

The Republican Party establishment has dithered for months, hoping against hope that they could stop the insurgent candidacy of real estate magnate Donald J. Trump. Now Trump appears headed for a sweep of Super Tuesday, which wouid all but assure him the nomination. Yet his GOP opponents can’t seem to unite forces against him.

10 thoughts on “The GOP Establishment Strikes Back Against Trump

  1. Ted,

    I think the bible calls this reaping the whirlwind.

    Someone’s been held in prison for almost a decade, tortured, cut off from everything and everyone they knew and loved, all on the flimsiest of “evidence” and never given a chance to have a day in — real, not kangaroo — court?

    I will be absolutely astonished if these guys don’t turn into enemies of the country. Why should they be our friends?

    And you know what? It’s our fault. Not just Dubya and President Cheney. Obama could have done more. Yes, he could.

    Has any American been held captive by foreign agents for as long as the Gitmo prisoners have been held?

  2. Note to GOP (and idiot Democrats as well)

    If you don’t like terrorists – stop creating them. … duh?

    We helped write the international laws against war crimes in the first place. Now we’re ignoring them. By doing so we establish a bad precedent. If *we* can ignore other guys’ basic human rights, then they can do it to us. How can we possibly complain? (Ignoring the obvious fact that we do complain and will continue to do so until the sun novas.)

  3. Speaking of the Republicans … the Democratic primary in S. Carolina comes to mind.

    I’ve been beating this dead horse for a while: Trump beats Clinton according to the polls; he doesn’t beat Sanders. And if the candidate from the blue side is Clinton, regardless of whether it’s Trump or (somehow), Rubio, the pressure will never stop. The entire campaign will be Trump saying, “Hey, Hill, everyone knows who I am. You lie all the time. Every time you meet a different audience, you change your story. Liar. Liar.” etc.

    Clinton will be falsely attacked (she killed Vince Foster but “they” are hiding the evidence — right next to JFK’s disembodied brain!!!1!). But even worse, she will be truthfully attacked: The Goldman Sachs speeches, the Clinton Foundation slushfund, the e-mail scandal. Don’t expect that Chelsea’s $400K for nine “news stories” for NBC won’t be dragged up over and over.

    And that’s the real killing blow for her campaign: she simply has too many backroom deals and dirty tricks linked to her. Shakespeare’s got a line about “[Her] offense is rank. It stinketh to heaven.” (or something close to it). And that’s the thing she can’t shed, no matter how many times she says she loves (non-superpredator) black people. She just can’t be believed, and it will cost her a lot of turnout for the general election because (I think) this time people have been shown something unique in the history of these elections (at least in my lifetime).

    (And if I’m wrong, don’t worry, I’ll still be right about her having a Senate and a House she can’t control. All her legislation will die in committee. Her Supreme Court nominees? Look at how the Republicans maneuvered Obama. They played him like a sucker. They’ll block everyone he submits UNTIL he submits someone as middle-of-the-road as possible. The same thing will happen to Clinton. We’ll have a bunch of moderates, four hard core conservatives, two or three liberals depending on whether only two or three of the current ones leave the court. And after four crappy years of Clinton, the Republicans will win the White House and every single vacancy will be replaced with a hardcore rightwinger.)

    So I’m going to be watching S. Carolina closely. She’ll win it, of course. But if she wins it by less than 20%, Sanders’ campaign can make a legitimate argument that Clinton isn’t representing anything even remotely like a majority of the Democrats. And if Sanders can hang on through Super Tuesday with only a two-digit gap between him and Clinton, I think his campaign will remain viable all the way to May or June, by which time, I hope, the grassroots movement will be able to snap some of her supporters out of their fantasies about her character.

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