The Gift of Gab

The media trumps up bullshit statistics that claim the economy is getting better, though it is getting worse. But it’s working–Obama’s poll numbers are going up.

10 thoughts on “The Gift of Gab

  1. @Ted

    I assume you have something better than “because I say so” to demonstrate that the statistics are bullshit?


    The economy demonstrably sucks less. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t still suck bad enough to require extending unemployment benefits.

  2. The idea that the economy was ever “good”” is a myth. The economy has been set up to serve the interests of the few over the many from the beginning. Every supposed attempt on this planet to create fairness and equality has turned disastrously into the same loot-and-pillage model. The capitalist system incentives extraction, exploitation and stripping of resources for short-term gains of a few at the expense of the survival of the species long term.

    Anyone with half a brain knows this, some of us are compensated more for their silence (or embracing of it) than others. Give me enough money and I’ll shut up too. The question still remains, to breathe in again or not to.

  3. Also, economic recovery is to a certain extent a self-fulfilling prophecy:

    Make people believe economy is recovering-consumer confidence rises- economy recovers.

    So any good news, even if it requires a little spin, deserves to be trumpeted from the rooftops.

  4. Wow, amazing, shocking, couldn’t be predicted Obama was going to pretend the economy was improving and the media was going to ride along, oh wait, I did predict it.

  5. Whimsical is an Obamabot moron. It’s always seemed idiotic to me when the republicans pejoratively referred to Obama as “The Messiah”, but after reading all this guy’s comments over the years, I can honestly say he sees Obama (and corporate dems in general) as some sort of “Messiah” figure. At one point I thought he was a truly thoughtful person, but now realize he’s just not that bright.

  6. Anyone who actually believes that ANYONE views Obama as some sort of “messiah” is a moron.

    I’ve repeatedly said he’s average at best. But that still makes him orders of magnitude better than the alternatives.

  7. Why is it that anyone who says anything that isn’t categorically derisive of the President gets called an “obamabot moron” and accused of viewing Obama as a messiah? It’s just as bad as the right wing whackjobs who see any disagreement with their position as pinko-commie-liberal socialist treachery.

    It does not take a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to recognize that Obama is rather average as President, but honestly, when did this country turn into WWE? On the flip side, why can’t people just lay off the “life is shit” crack pipe every now and again?

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