The First Rule of Fight Nation

American drone planes have killed thousands of people. Drone attacks have been widely reported. And, now members of Congress are invited to the White House to view drone snuff films. So why is the drone program classified “secret”?

One thought on “The First Rule of Fight Nation

  1. Actually, this viewing of snuff films for select US congressmen is part of a sociological project, sponsored by DARPA, which attempts to see if congressmen’s (and congresswomen’s) psychopathic tendencies could be lessened, or at least diverted from domestic objects, by watching films sequences graphically showing the destruction of people abroad. Alas, indicated by the response, in the US House of Representatives in particular, to the economic crisis, the programme doesn’t seem to be succeeding – quite the contrary. As we know, there are currently at least 64 drone bases in the US and more are to come. Soon those snuff films will no longer exclusively star foreigners….


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