The End of Racism

Homophobia faded after straights realized that many of their friends and close relatives were gay. Racism remains an intransigent problem. Could a similar solution be at hand? probably not.

5 thoughts on “The End of Racism

  1. > Attitudes of whites will change once they realize …

    If you think you’re white & your family’s been in the US for more than three generations, you’ve almost certainly picked up a little black/brown/red along the way.

    … once they realize that they ARE black. Shades of Craig Cobb and all.

  2. For historical reasons, Ted, I doubt your solution, though attractive, will work, If I recall correctly, those Nazis who feared that there might be a little «Jewish blood» (a racist term, there’s no such thing as «Jewish blood») in the family were among the most enthusiastic….


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