The Democrats: Master Negotiators

Barack Obama gives John Boehner everything he asks for yet another clever ruse by evil Democrats!

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  • I must offer my gratitude (for the first, and probably the last time) to the Teabagger lunatic fringe of the GOP for refusing Obama’s complete capitulation on this matter. It’s a testament to their ultimate Obama Derangement Syndrome and seething hatred for ‘the other’ in general that they won’t even allow him to surrender. Obamacare was a perfect example of total capitulation. . it was meaningless without a public option, which we could have had….but Obama unilaterally capitulated it without even a token attempt.

    Unfortunately the Democrats won’t play the same shrewd game, and allow Cut, Cap and Balance to pass into law, hastening the complete economic collapse of the country for the brief amount of time (historically speaking) it will take us all to reorganize our political structure and reform our economy in a meaningful way.

  • Some people say Obama is playing 11-dimensional chess. He’s not playing that, or even 1-dimensional chess. He’s playing tiddlywinks on the football field while a bunch of 800 pound gorillas run over him and the American public. Whadda douche

  • I would just like to take this opportunity to once again deliver my prognistication of who will be the American president in 2012. It WILL be HIllary Rodham Clinton. Obama’s final capitulation will be in the primaries, and his endorsement of Hillary will be the “stunner” of the season.

    Republicans must, of course, field an opposition candidate, but with Hillary locking in the Democratic nomination why should they care who they choose? Even if they lose…they WIN!! It’ll be Bush/Obama again, only this time it’ll be a WOMAN, and another hollow “victory” for progressives!!

    Trust me. Obama wants to quit while he’s (supposedly) ahead. He’s a cheap, silly con man, and he’s betting this move will allow him to quietly take his spoils and ride off into the sunset with his generous federal retirement, speakers tours, and secret service detail for life.

    It’s coming.

  • I’m going to laugh my ass off when Obama signs a reasonably clean bill and his polls go up while the Republicans sink due to their insanity.

    Dont bogart whatever you’re smoking yungturk39. If it induces hallucinations that amusing, we all should get some!

  • Republicans win big in the house, Democrats keep the presidency. Nothing changes.

  • Karkahoolio
    July 21, 2011 9:50 AM

    I find it mildly amusing that the Republicans get away with as much as they do. How is it possible that people who aren’t mega-wealthy vote for them at all? I read that after this bipartisan plan to balance the budget goes through, the money saved will go to reducing the taxes for the ultra rich to 29% from 35%… How can this happen? I should stop reading DemocracyNow! and spend more time at The Onion….

  • Bruce Coulson
    July 21, 2011 6:24 PM

    Obama will definitely run for re-election. Considering the field against him, why shouldn’t he?

  • Damn it, for heaven’s sake: “secular” is not a synonym for atheist/agnostic/indifferent to religion!

  • Ted, I don’t know shit about Amy Goodman, so I’d like to get you started on her. What do you have against her? I take it she is some kind of hypocrite?

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