The Cult of Bipartisanship

Pundits like to say the problem with Washington is a lack of bipartisan cooperation in Congress. But we don’t need cooperation. We need representation.

4 thoughts on “The Cult of Bipartisanship

  1. «[C]are about us», i e, care about ordinary people, rather than the banksters the members of the US Congress (the best money can buy) represent ?!! Come on, Ted ; that’s even more naive than envisioning the end of «gridlock» (save when it comes to using taxpayers’ money to further bloat the US military and the (un)intelligence agencies) !…


  2. One man’s democracy is another man’s anarchy.

    Democracy in the service of regular citizens could only be dismissed as anarchy by the ruling class that operates above the law, which ironically is a class that literally acts anarchically.

  3. I continually endorse the repeal of the Citizen’s United decision, putting a cap on all forms of political endorsement by money, and yanking back a huge amount of all the military forces we have all over, policing the world. I tells you everthin’ I know, over and over, and ya’ still don’t know nuttin’!!! :^)

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