The Commie Hell of Godless Bidenism

The Trump campaign is framing Joe Biden as a radical socialist. As if!

5 thoughts on “The Commie Hell of Godless Bidenism

  1. How fortunate are not the voters – those who have not been effectively disenfranchised by one manoeuvre or another – in the US! They get to choose between a sleepy Big Brother and one who tweets constantly…. 😉


  2. The saddest part of the above illustrated laughing square? There are people who really think that, um, Biden might put in a public option. His owners have already told him it isn’t going to happen. And that’s why we’re all screwed. The dnc rigged 2016 on Hillary’s orders. And like the Keystone Kops, they fumbled the play. Now we have the Biden Boys, who rigged the 2020 primaries to keep Sanders from winning. A bunch of morons in South Carolina handed Good Ol’ Racist Joe Biden a win in that state (truly the lynchpin of cultural, intellectual, and technological relevance in the 21st century) and the absolute best we can hope for is a weak-as-water plan for the environment and economy in which we acknowledge, yet again, that we spend $10,000 a month but only earn $2,000, and resolve to look at plans to discuss coming up with ideas for reducing our spending, gradually, as long as it doesn’t impact our lifestyles, to $8,000 a month.
    And all the mouthbreathers are ecstatic. “It’s a step in the right direction!”
    No. It isn’t. Wait until the environment goes critical in 10 years, right around when all the baby boomers have crashed the 401(k) bubble and real estate has collapsed because no one can afford a $450,000 “starter” home.

    • I supported Sanders, not because he was the answer, but because he was a step in the correct direction

      Sleepy Joe is just another patsy-playing Democrat who will blame their failures to do the will of the people on Republicans.

      When Trump declares himself the winner because of election fraud in November, how different will that be from the Republican declaration of George W. Bush as president because the vote count wasn’t completed by an arbitrary date specified in the Constitution?

  3. to quote John Davis, in this weekend’s Counterpunch:
    ‘Empathy and Healing’, as practiced as a political art, represents the displacement of action with wheedling emotional manipulation. This country’s last two Democratic presidents were masters of the art, although they practiced it in very different styles. They both successfully continued the predations of neoliberalism, where the greed of the few feeds on the needs of the many, while eloquently suggesting that the opposite should and could be the case. The current Democratic candidate for the post is an adequate and highly experienced, if by now slightly addled, exponent of this dark art.

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