The Adventures of Tom Friedman, Boy Reporter

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman weaves column gold out of conversations with taxi drivers and other tourist-industry personnel in luxurious oases in Third World shitholes.

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  • “My luggage is like a peace process”

    Yer kiddin’, right?

    “Friedman, I believe, is well intentioned, but he mistakenly believes that he can find the truth through anecdotes. So, his empirical evidence comes from stories of things that he does not understand…”

    “Friedman is a name dropper par excellence, and rubs elbows with the elite. Unfortunately for him, he cannot detect competence or incompetence.”

    “In short, Friedman is not qualified to write on this topic, but like the incompetent overpaid executive that he hangs with, he will be over paid and over read.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • When I was still reading the newspapers here in Holland, we were subjected to Mr. Friedman’s columns on a regular base. It seemed that the only reason he had any weight was the fact that he wrote for the New York Times. Hey, anyone writing for the New York Times can’t be a hack, can they?

    Now I know better and don’t read any newspapers anymore. Unless I pick up the free newspapers that are circulated in the trains and buses. They are exactly like the paid newspapers: too many ads, columns written by hacks. But at least they’re free. And the news is the same, AP whatever.

    Thanks for the info, Ted. Up till now I thought Mr. Friedman was a ‘respected political analyst.’ Knowing full well that ‘respected political analysts are just overpaid CFR-thugs.

  • The guy’s anything BUT well-intentioned. Every word he’s ever written is at best a simplistic half-truth — and he knows it.

    Not to mention that his ego’s as big as The Donald’s . . .

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