The 25% Solution

Some states are allowing businesses to begiun to emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown by allowing them to operate at 25% capacity. How exactly will that look like?

2 thoughts on “The 25% Solution

  1. «Occasionally “Live”» was good, Ted – but after all, the man’s a «job creator» ; look how he managed to order something for Robert Hunter.Isn’t that just what the US needs just now ?… 😉


  2. Actually, come to think of it. A 25% solution is exactly right.
    The 25% (or so) of the total U.S. population that is now out of work? Eventually those who are still employed will get tired of worrying about losing their jobs. The simplest fix? Simply memoryhole these poor unfortunates (i.e., pull an Obama).
    1. Bail out the banks, hand millions and millions to corporations, declare the crisis over.
    2. Because the crisis is over, no more direct stimulus is needed (omit comment about Joe Biden’s fingers).
    3. The unemployed will simply “go away” much like how your credit card bills “go away” when you throw them out unopened.
    4. Nancy Pelosi’s animated cadaver will claim victory.

    I recall a few weeks back mentioning that the dems should be really worried that Donald Trump and the Republicans might suddenly announce universal healthcare. I admit, it’s farfetched. But consider the new circumstances:
    So many people are unemployed, there may simply be no way to avoid it. And the Republicans are probably realizing that a lot of them are about to get their meal ticket canceled. They need something RIGHT NOW that will calm everyone down a little. So throw the healthcare industry under the bus so that everyone else can keep gorging at the trough.
    One commonality for progressive and totalitarian groups? Both sell out subsets. The gays threw the trannies under the bus. Feminists shafted the nonwhites. The Republicans must realize that SOMEONE has to take one for the team.

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