Team Politics Is the Great Equalizer between Republicans and Dem

When questions about Donald Trump’s mental fitness and accusations that he sexually assaulted women were raised, Democrats were rightfully critical and demanded answers. Now, the shoe is on the other foot with Joe Biden. There is at least one credible allegation that he raped a staffer and his mental decompensation is there for all to see. Yet some Democrats continue to insist that we should support Joe Biden.

11 thoughts on “Team Politics Is the Great Equalizer between Republicans and Dem

  1. Партийности, Ted, партийность, or as elementary school teachers used to say, «My country, my country, right or wrong !»….


  2. He/she may be a racist, misogynist, homophobic, vicious death-dealing imperialist pig …. but he/she’s OUR racist, misogynist, homophobic, vicious death-dealing imperialist pig!!!

  3. Biden will get few, if any votes. Almost everyone will be voting either for or against Trump. ‘Trump put children in cages.’ ‘So did Biden.’ ‘That’s a lie. Biden put children in Federal Detention Facilities (built for Japanese spies and 5th columnists); they might look like cages, but they’re not. Trump, on the other hand, has put many children in cages, and no one can deny that they are cages.’ ‘Biden raped many women’ ‘He did not. He was never convicted.’ ‘Trump wasn’t convicted.’ ‘Doesn’t matter, Trump is guilty. But Biden is innocent even if convicted by a corrupt court.’
    Net: Nothing that Biden has done matters. All that matters is that he’s not Trump, and every #NeverTrump must vote for the leading candidate who is not Trump.

  4. It seems like the establishment Dems have settled on Biden and will bet on the disgust with Trump to motivate voters to vote for Biden. When I asked a question about the enthusiasm gap Biden has when EJ Dionne was on my local call in show he did not seem concerned. It’s as if the Dems are zombies and see no issues with Biden at all, he is likable, he agreed to be Obama’s VP so he is gold. What is wrong with this picture?

    • To those unfamiliar with Obama’s legislative career in Illinois, his choice of Biden for VP was the earliest, clearest, incontrovertible signal of his (Obama’s) political fraudulence.

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