Spook or Kook?

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says there will be a formal impeachment inquiry to look into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and elsewhere in order to determine whether Joe’s involvement rose to the level of an impeachable offense.

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  • Although no one wants to admit it, Donald Trump didn’t just self-assemble out of subatomic particles. He rose (and probably will rise again, much like the bread dough he resembles) to power because he appealed to a substantial number of people. In a similar vein, a surprising number of people STILL think mercury causes autism, despite all the child vaccines being available in no-mercury form since 1999 (and despite the continued increase in autism diagnoses).

    In Biden’s case, if it turns out there is a there there, it will, again, not be some sort of one-off big surprise. No one who has been keeping track will stand there, gobsmacked: “I can’t believe that good ol’ honest Joe Biden, who never invented a story, never plagiarized, never pulled a dirty trick in his life, did something crooked!”

    Biden has a long record of pulling stunts. And, as George Carlin said, “You don’t need a formal conspiracy when interests converge. These people went to the same universities and fraternities. They’re on the same boards of directors. They’re on the same country clubs. They have like interests. They don’t need to call a meeting. They know what’s good for them, and they’re getting it.” Biden is the end result of what Carlin was talking about all those years ago. Just like Trump.

    If you’re screaming for Trump to go to prison, I better hear you shouting just as loudly for Biden to get a perp walk.

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