Spaced Out

Possible GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio, whose father entered the US illegally, says the US is full up, that there just isn’t any room left in the US for new immigrants, including the children arriving at the border with Mexico. But when you actually consider how much space there is in the country, that’s obviously untrue.

5 thoughts on “Spaced Out

  1. On immigration: “We’re full up”

    On overpopulation “you could fit the entire planet’s population in the state of Texas”

    Inconsistency, thy name is Republican.

  2. Dunno, Ted – here in Sweden with the population density rapidly approaching 24 persons/km², I’m beginning to get twinges of claustrophobia when I look out the window at the pines and the spruces, not to mention when I travel to Denmark, with a population density of 130 persons/km², or still worse, the Netherlands, with a density of 406 persons/km². I find myself getting nervous and asking if that’s where we’re headed, particularly if global warming makes southern regions of Europe uninhabitable and people begin migrating northward in droves. Perhaps Mr Rubio simply realises that you people, too, with a population density of some 32.41 persons/km², are on a slippery slope, and wishes to stop the slide before it accelerate so much that it becomes unstoppable. Too bad about his Dad, though….


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