Soul Hack

Dick Cheney says he worries that terrorists could kill him by hacking into his artificial heart, which can be controlled via a wireless Internet connection.

4 thoughts on “Soul Hack

  1. The only cartoon I’ve seen today that was:

    1) Original;
    2) not a clone of all the other cartoons.

    Very, very clever, and very, very innovative.

    (For which heinous crimes Mr Rall is prevented from having his work shown on the New York Times: instead, they hired some other, liberal caratoonist.)

  2. Man, where’d you come across this story? Cheney hasn’t had an artificial heart since he got a heart transplant in early 2012.

    Technically, Dick never had an artificial heart, but he did have a centrifugal ventricular assist device that kept him alive without giving him a pulse, so I suppose that’s just semantics.

  3. Wait a moment, Ted. While many would argue that Richard Bruce Cheney has no heart, even he needs a muscle – and a little assistance – to pump the blood around. But a soul ? Whatever would he do with a soul ?…


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