Sorry Your Flat Screen TV Is Taking a Little Longer Than Usual

Tens of millions of Afghans face hunger and starvation this winter due to the collapse of the Afghanistan economy. As Americans whine that supply chain issues have slowed their ability to receive consumer goods, Afghans have a real supply-chain problem: they can’t get food because the United States has frozen the new Taliban government’s funds and refuses to lift brutal economic sanctions.

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  • Amazing how easily the media whipsaws between being deeply concerned over the rights of women in Afghanistan to basically ignoring their starvation and/or deflecting the blame only a short time later.

    This LA Times article describes how Afghan families are selling their children to get food money in an attempt to save the remainder of the family. Notice how blame is placed on the “international community” for freezing Afghanistan’s assets and being unwilling to work with a government with a reputation for brutality, as if starving an entire country isn’t brutality and the US isn’t the dominant player in the situation.

  • Biden is pulling deliberate starvation to break the Taliban… that the next President can invade again “for humanitarian reasons.” The entire US government deserves 70 years in Gulag camps.

  • BrotherMartin
    January 4, 2022 8:24 PM

    Just because the US pulled its troops out, doesn’t mean the war is over.

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