Skimmed Tweet

Based on an actual conversation between me and another member of the human race, this cartoon is a commentary on the shrinking attention span of the American public. Quite literally, I had a college educated friend fail to understand one of my tweets because he skimmed it rather than read it. You know society is about to collapse when 140 characters is simply too much.

2 thoughts on “Skimmed Tweet

  1. Many years ago, my family moved to a house next to a busy boulevard. We thought the constant traffic might be a noise problem, but after a while we seemed to simply tune it out. Over the last decade, the Internet and social network groups have deluged us with information, opinions and a constant barrage of advertisements, bullshit and outright begging. Is it any wonder that many people seem fairly numb to what comes at them anymore? When the forest has become a solid wall of trees, can you really get angry at people for not seeing further that a few feet in front of them?

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