Secrets of the Mitt Romney Tax Return

Why won’t Republican candidate Mitt Romney release his tax returns? What is he hiding?

6 thoughts on “Secrets of the Mitt Romney Tax Return

  1. More important than why, is who cares? This is just another excuse to avoid real issues. Kerry likes to windsurf what a douche can’t elect him, Al Gore talks like a Robot nope, Mitt looks like a robot, and wont release his income tax, gasp how horrible… The fact that his policies are the same as Obama, whose are the same as Bush, that’s cool though.

  2. Opponents of Mitt need to hit him hard on Bain Capital Management’s ruthless predatory capitalism. I can’t see how most people would agree that these companies embody the best we can do in America. Hollowing out companies, selling off the parts, profitting at the expense of workers… I am glad I moved away from MA right before he took office, did not have to endure seeing him in the media every day. We are condemned to seeing him the rest of 2012, I’m afraid.

  3. Wow Ted you have kind of sold out on the last couple of of cartoons. Who cares if Romney lacks a personality, I thought you cared about policy. Calling him a robot is pretty similar to talking about Osama’s porn habit.

  4. Loved it, Ted ! Sometimes I wonder from what trash dump you people in the United States pluck up your politicians – then I look as some of ours here in Sweden and begin to understand. The main difference is that your «choices» have global consequences – ours merely local….


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