Second PhD

Universities love PhD students because they’re a source of cheap, brilliant, disposable labor. What’s in it for the students? Debt, underemployment and a salary 3% higher than masters graduates.

3 thoughts on “Second PhD

  1. I couldn’t care less. Universities and colleges pretty much give away PhDs these days.

    The requirements in the past were to be of superior intellect and to have a obsessive interest in your particular area, working relentlessly to contribute something of unique value to the field.

    The requirements today? You have the money.

    I’ve worked with many idiot PhDs, too many to count. They often behave in an entitled manner and when they find out they’re really ordinary, they’re shocked. Add to that the idiot PhDs that blog on various sites and the evidence is in: It’s doesn’t mean shit to have a PhD anymore. That’s the price education pays for being nothing more than a business, greedily chasing after massive profit margins like any other corporation.

    In short: PhDs are underpaid or having trouble finding work? Good. Fuck ’em.

    Fuck ’em.

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