Rocky 2

Obama caves into the Republicans on the debt ceiling deal. Now his partisans are trying to claim the defeat isn’t total.

8 thoughts on “Rocky 2

  1. I think Aggie_ Dude may have meant to say that all the Democrats he talks to are looking for a primary challenge. I think I will write in if the big 0 is on the ticket

  2. Joe, I meant all the people I know who voted for Obama and now regret not having supported Hillary Clinton. Of course, we were in Michigan at the time and the primary didn’t matter.

  3. Have to disagree, Ted. Without claiming to be a party to Mr Obama’s most intimate thoughts on this matter, I suggest the evidence indicates that Dennis Kucinich’s take ( on the debt-limit negotiations is far more plausible than the «caved» scenario. The Truthdig Radio interview with him is well worth a listen….


  4. I agree, Henri; however, it is two sides of the same coin. Obama appears to have caved and that’s what he did to his supporters even if he caved long ago. He DID ‘cave’ to GOP demands even if he were just pretending to have demands of his own. I can’t know the extent of his behind-the-scenes agreement and cooperation with Boehner and McConnell, but I do notice that on foreign policy and civil rights–really anything except social and domestic policy, Obama does whatever he wants…

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