If the Roles Were Reversed, and ISIS Had Assassinated President Trump

After US special forces assassinated the head of the Islamic State, the reaction among American political officials, especially the president, and also journalists, was shocking. No one questioned illegality of the killing despite executive order 12,333, which specifically prohibits political assassinations by employees of the United States government. Journalist stupidly and openly asked the question of whether the group would now come to an end as a result. Overall, the reaction was shockingly callous and lawless.

5 thoughts on “If the Roles Were Reversed, and ISIS Had Assassinated President Trump

  1. Every side plays to their own mob.

    Each mob has its own “truth”.

    It’s not like the truth of gravity, a truth that stands outside of any mob and is independent of any mob.

    There is no “truth” relevant to a mob but the particular “truth” around which a particular mob coalesces.

    And the “truth” of the mob need not even be fractionally true in order to please the blood-lusting savagery of a mob.

    The desire to surrender to the emotional contagion of a mob is what makes sporting events so popular and profitable.

    And what makes a great many public officials jealous of those who have such mobs hanging on their words.

  2. Why would executive order 12333 be recognized as binding when the Constitution is not binding with respect to declarations war?

    The three branches overrule and live outside of Constitutional rule except where challenges are made by one ruling party in their intramural squabbles.

    God is dead and so is the Constitution.

    Law unsupported by a threat of State violence is merely a suggestion.

    But State violence unrestrained by law is tyranny.

  3. God is on our side !

    And has been for a long time, as this in this context fairly recent example shows :

    ‘Gott strafe England !’ and ‘God save the King !’
    God this, God that, and God the other thing—
    ‘Good God !’ said God, ‘I’ve got my work cut out !’


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