Rather Have Trump

Biden’s defenders equate criticism of their president to support for Trump.

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  • Even Biden supporters should agree: to the extent that Biden angles to be a political realist, by not adopting positions he believes in because he believes them to be unwinnable, active criticism shifts the equation. If widespread enough, the criticism can shift these positions from unwinnable to winnable. In short, even Biden supporters should welcome the criticism because it enables Biden to do the right thing.

  • alex_the_tired
    January 14, 2022 7:49 AM

    There’s a let-me-top-up-my-drink kind of irony in how Biden’s biggest selling point was that he wasn’t Trump. But it seems that almost all of Biden’s supporters are just as intolerant of criticism of Their Hero as the Trumpistas are of Their Hero. In that regard, Biden IS Trump: a lot of talk, screws up basic tasks, gets caught in lots of lies, corruption-adjacent.
    And in 2024? Hillary. Thank God she never screwed up on basic things, got caught in a lot of lies, or was always right next to some corruption scandal. And she’s so genuine!!!!!!1! Just like Trump.

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