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The United States owes billions to Japan, yet it is donating money to them for earthquake and tsunami relief.

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  • Text doesn’t seem to reflect the cartoon. Broken links?

  • Thanks, it should be fixed now. WordPress has some weird bugs, but then you get what you pay for.

  • No harm done, I guess. On point: the broke US government should not be playing charitable friend anywhere. It’s a relief it isn’t dropping bombs on Japan, though (at least this time around).

  • And, the US aided Japan quicker after the tsunami than it aided Mississippi after Katrina. And, I’ll make the wager that if Venezuela offers to help Japan that Japan will accept the help.

  • Were the United States government to stop wasting one million million (10^12) USD annually on the country’s bloated military and its continual wars of aggression, it might be able to pay off both its external and its internal debts, renew its failing infrastructure, and, for example, contribute to helping Japan rebuild after the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster. That would, of course, require something of an earthquake/tsunami in domestic politics, which makes the prospect rather unlikely….


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