Profiling the Mass Murderer

Friends and neighbors are shocked to learn the identity of the man suspected of coldly taking the lives of six people, all members of the same ethnic group. To those who keep track of extremist hate groups, however, the violence was not a surprise. For one thing, he was already under investigation for earlier, similar crimes

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  • The scariest thing about this guy, is he is clearly a copy cat killer, I mean he’s stealing all of the signatures of the last serial killer….

  • Ted has run out of ideas. Comparing a mass-shooting on US soil to the government’s drone strikes, that cartoon was so 2 weeks ago.

  • Yes, Albert: drone strikes are obviously no longer relevant since you don’t give a rat’s ass about them. It’s the victims’ own fault for not being white, no?

  • Ted should have done this when the fake outrage at the shooting of Trayvon Martin by high-falluting celebrities was at its highest and the same people dared not utter a peep about the remote blowing out of another unarmed teen, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. And Albert, yes, I concur: drone striking is a lot more cruel and heartless than the random, and comparatively rarer, loonie rampage.

  • It’s the job-loss thing, Ted – homicidal actions are (a large) part of the job description ; if one is seen as weak here, it’s goodbye….


  • alex_the_tired
    August 12, 2012 10:01 AM

    Look, you’re all missing the point here. Obama’s killing fewer people than Dubya. You see, that’s how progress is made. Only you fringe-members of the left who demand zero killings and strict adherence to human rights laws don’t get it. You have to take the long-term goals. After 30 or 40 more years, we’ll have made a little progress toward no more use of drones to kill people. But expecting people to oppose killing just because you’re uncomfortable with it is a recipe for defeat in the elections.

  • The irony is that Ted has become what he is trying to satirize: not caring about one tragedy because another tragedy elsewhere happened. And Sekhmet, quit talking out of your ass.

  • And shame on you bucephalus for your statement about Trayvon. The outrage about his murder was real.

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