President Romney’s First 100 Days

Highlights of President Mitt Romney’s First 100 Days are expected to include more tax cuts for the rich, voucherizing Medicaid, defunding Obamacare, and slashing all federal spending except the Pentagon. Maybe it would be easier to blow up the government using the nuclear football (launch codes).

2 thoughts on “President Romney’s First 100 Days

  1. The Romney-assisted Rapture ? Wow – who said Willard Mitt was a wimp ? That beats the socks off declaring China to be a «currency manipulator» on the very first day !…


  2. Kudos for acknowledging that Romney’s first 100 days would be an unparalleled disaster leading to the “blowing up [of] the government”.

    What you keep failing to get, however, is that “blowing up the government” is the GOAL.

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