Political Suicide

Most voters are unhappy about the likely Trump-Biden rematch we’re looking at. But it’s probably too late to avoid at this point. let the wishful magical thinking begin!

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  • alex_the_tired
    January 22, 2024 5:52 AM

    If Trump dies, Joe Biden’s presidency will be right there beside him going down into the darkness. Most likely, Biden loses whether Trump lives or dies, but a living Trump gives Biden a chance. Tuesday’s primaries ought to be an eye-opener. It’ll be Trump probably sweeping the state in 25 minutes (and Nikki Haley trying to convince people she still has a hope in hell) and the emcees over at MSNBC and CNN trying to avoid explaining the real reasons Biden isn’t on the ballot.

  • I can’t think of any Democrat who might possibly be nominated who is not morally compromised.

    • I get it that the only people willing to be politicians these days are people that are far from perfect. But, even within that category there is wide variation. Better than Trump and Biden are: Haley, Phillips, and some of the also-rans from 2020 and 2024. Far from perfect, absolutely yes — but nonetheless substantially better than the two we are likely to get in November.

  • I will say that this is the kind of fantasyland scenario often presented in these comics that is actually possible, if extremely unlikely

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